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Life Without you

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Life Without You S Petersen
My Lifes so sad without you
If you could come back and love me too
Everything I’ve done I’ve done for you
Life ain’t worth living without you

I look out the window and see a nice view
But none of it compares to you
Everywhere I turn my minds full of you
Baby it’s so hard to forget you
I walk down the street get something to eat
No one to see no one to meet
Baby I feel our times been to short
Come back to me and lets just take a walk

I look outside and it feels like rain
But it’s not on the glass or the window pain
Its inside I’m crying and it just doesn’t show
But baby that’s why I want you to know

My lifes so sad without you
If you could come back and love me too
Nobody sees it but I’m so low
Baby if you must if you must go
I feel your heart beat when your in my vicinity
I’m so lonely in others company
Baby I feel at times on this earth
Life without you it hurts

My lifes so sad without you
Come back baby will you